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Ransomware - Kidnapping personal data for ransom and the information as hostage PDF
Márcio Ricardo FERREIRA, Cynthia KAWAKAMI 5-14
Greedy Algorithms for Approximating the Diameter of Machine Learning Datasets in Multidimensional Euclidean Space: Experimental Results PDF
Ahmad HASSANAT 15-30
An empirical approach for software reengineering process with relation to quality assurance mechanism PDF
Muhammad MUZAMMUL, Muhammad AWAIS 31-46
Design of CNN architecture for Hindi Characters PDF
Madhuri YADAV, Ravindra KR PURWAR, Anchal JAIN 47-62
JAMDER: JADE to MULTI-Agent Systems Development Resource PDF
Yrleyjander S. LOPES, Mariela I. CORTÉS, Enyo José TAVARES GONÇALVES, Robson OLIVEIRA 63-98
Developing a Software for Diagnosing Heart Disease via Data Mining Techniques PDF
Yaser AbdulAali JASIM, Mustafa G. SAEED 99-114
Evolutionary Algorithms for Query Op-timization in Distributed Database Sys-tems: A review PDF
Zulfiqar ALI, Hafiza Maria KIRAN, Waseem SHAHZAD 115-128


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